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About Coligo

Coligo is a Black and woman-owned Social Impact Multimedia Agency committed to driving transformational change. We believe in the power of human connection and storytelling to solve social and environmental challenges. Using a digital-first approach, we accelerate community impact through strategic, integrated Marketing and Communications solutions and services. Our work and core pillars are  rooted in the collective resilience and dedication to creating a movement that binds communities together. From our professional expertise, our unique cultures and backgrounds to the issues we advocate for – Coligo is aimed at driving progress and transformational change.


Partners in change

Our clients are our partners in change. We work with audacious and fearless leaders that give a damn. Powered by partnership, we work to address our communities’ most pressing issues by activating outstanding community organizations, government agencies, foundations, schools, purpose-driven businesses, and more, to inspire action and drive change.


Our Team

Diversity and culture are our core, reflecting the communities we serve and the causes we champion. United with advocates, change-makers, and creatives, our purpose-driven work is deliberate and impactful. Our diverse team shapes the future landscape, ensuring authenticity and relatability.
As a social impact agency, we're dedicated to transformative change, believing in the power of connection to address social and environmental challenges. Our collective resilience and dedication forge a movement that unifies communities, embodying the meaning of Coligo - to bind, connect, and unite.

Meet the Founder

For over a decade, my life’s work has been dedicated to making a difference. As an activist and social impact specialist, I have had the great honour of serving vulnerable communities by executing creative campaigns, programs, and services focused on moving the needle in social and environmental change. My strength as a leader in this landscape comes from the understanding that “it takes a village.” There is not enough support for the most vulnerable members of our society, and it is up to us to change this. The heart of Coligo is to advocate for underserved communities, tackle intractable issues that plague marginalized groups, and successfully implement transformational change. Changing the world isn’t easy, but we are up to the challenge.

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